Open Armz of Hope - Help meet the needs of single mothers and families
About Us
Open Armz of Hope is a 501 (c ) (3 ) non-profit organization wanting to help single mothers and families build a better home and environment for their children. Through one-on-one consulting, community outreach initiatives, and fundraising; Open Armz of Hope is contributing to the solution to one of the community's oldest issues. 
Open Armz of Hope is founded by Adri Thompson, a single mother who recognizes and has gone through the trials of raising a family on her own and understands the struggles that many mothers face on a day to day basis. She is now reaching out to single mothers to let them know that they are not alone and that there is hope and help for those who need it.
We believe that children are our future and need strong mothers to guide them and help them succeed. We understand that times get rough every now and then and there may be times when single mothers may feel like there is no hope.
Open Armz of Hope is formed to help relieve some of the stress and worries by providing our services.
We help develop plans focusing on the mother's strengths and needs to help her and her family move toward positive change.
We are dedicated to providing our services to single mothers and their children. 
CEO/Founder: Adri Thompson
Life Skill Coach: Catrena Ward
Coordinator: Riesha Beaty
Volunteer: Tamitra Mosley
                    Nicole Mc Neil
                                    Board of Directors:
Chairman - Charles Hurst        Vice President - Taneccia Gibson
                       Sec/Treasurer - Trina Nelson
Mailing address:
PO BOX 31513
Houston TX 77231
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