Open Armz of Hope - Help meet the needs of single mothers and families
Independent Living Skills Program
Independent Living Skills Program was formed to assist, train and educate teen moms on skills needed for them to succeed in the community.
We train our teen moms on Independent Living Skills:
Money, Home and Food Management
-         how to set a budget
-         checking and savings account
-         home care
-         personal care/hygiene
-         housekeeping/grocery shopping tips
Personal Care, Health, Social Skills and Safety
-         personal appearance
-         nutrition
-         safety skills
-         values/personal goals
Education, Job Seeking Skills and Job Maintenance Skills
-         importance of continuing education
-         types (colleges and universities/vocational training)
-         image for employment
-         work skills
-         resumes
Housing, Transportation and Community Resources
-         how to find an apartment
-         know what one can afford
-         maintain apartment
-         know resources
Sexuality, STD and Prevention
-         unplanned pregnancy
-         repeated pregnancy/parenthood
-         pregnancy and health skills
-         caring for newborn
-         changes from infancy to toddlers
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